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Beecome 2019


The Beecome 2019 European Beekeeping Congress, 22-24 March will take place in Blaj (near Alba-Iulia), Romania

Program and all informations


in the center of the town

Beecome 2019 is going to be the most important beekeeping event in Europe in 2019.

The widest and richest exhibition of modern beekeeping equipment along with an important opportunity for discussion between most qualified researchers, beekeeping associations, veterinary officials, organizations, national and EU institutions.

Beecome has been launched in France, next editions took place in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Austria.

We look forward to a wide attendance from the whole of Europe.

Beecome 2019 is supported by:

◆EPBA (European Professional Beekeeper Association) 
◆Bee Life European Beekeeping Coordination 

Program and Accommodations:

Beecome 2019 European Beekeeping Congres, 22-24 March
Blaj (near Alba-Iulia) in the center of the town, Romania

General topic:
To discus and share information on actual European Beekeeping solutions, during conferences and round tables

Honey Feast 2019 in Blaj (Alba-Iulia – Romania) 3 days,
Translation: Romanian – English - French

Actual subjects in EU
• Adulteration of bee products: honey, beeswax, royal jelly, …
• Use of pesticides and other problems linked to intensive agriculture
• Implementation of the next CAP and integration of pollinators as tool of control
• Conservation of local races (publications on different bees races)
• Development of natural beekeeping
• Management of Varroa destructor
• Bee products – like a food - key to preserve yours health – Api-nutrition and emergency beekeepers kit
• Bee diseases and actual treatments

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