Ferber EPBA5

The European Professional Beekeepers Association (EPBA) is an association of beekeeping organisations of EU member states. There are no individual memberships. The present and pending member organisations represent most of the professional and semi-professional beekeepers in Europe. Membership has been applied for from other organisations, from affiliated non-EU countries.

The organisation is funded by annual membership dues and functions through membership representatives voluntering their time.

EPBA has sent delegates to EU conferences and has met with representsatives of the EU commission (DG-Agri and DG-Environment).

EPBA in Clermont Ferrand 27th - 30th of October 2016

EPBA is present at the 21th National Congrès d'Apiculture in Clermont Ferrand France from 27th - 30th of October 2016

Please visit our Stand EPBA at the Exhibition