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Board of Directors

Bernhard HEUVEL


Vizepräsident des Deutschen Berufs- und Erwerbsimkerbundes




Vice President

President of "Syndicat National d’Apiculture"

Professional beekeeper, he started 40 years ago with 3 hives.

With his experience in pesticides, he fights with the French national authorities for a healthy agricultural environment for bees since the early 90s for the ban on neonicotinoids, PPP treatments at nightfall, taking cocktail effects into account... In this context, he participated and still participates in the development of tests for the evaluation of toxicological risks of pesticides for pollinators.



Vice President

Professional Beekeeper in Estland




Sandris AKMANS

Vice President - Northern Europe

Member of the Council Latvian Beekeepers’ Association
Address: Rīgas iela 22, Jelgava, LV-3004, Latvia


Deputy Vice President - Northern Europe (Sweden)

Member of the board of the Swedish Professional Beekeepers – Biodlingsföretagarna.

Owner and founder of Swedish Bee Company, based in the south of Sweden.


Honorary Presidents of EPBA

Walter Haefeker - President 2008 - 2020, Vice President 2005 - 2008

Mag. Dr. Harald Singer - EPBA President 1998 - 2005